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Max Lobur Max Lobur December 4, 2018
DevOps Kubernetes K8s

Kubernetes Multi-AZ deployments Using Pod Anti-Affinity

Bohdan Khablenko Bohdan Khablenko November 27, 2018
Java Maven OWASP

How to Avoid Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities

Yuriy Yunikov Yuriy Yunikov November 20, 2018
access credentials rotation

Best Practices for Access Credential Rotation at VGS

VGS VGS November 8, 2018

VGS Wins SINET 16 Innovator Award

Mahmoud Abdelkader Profile Image Mahmoud Abdelkader October 11, 2018

VGS Hires Former Visa Exec as it Expands into Enterprise

Yura Shafranyuk Yura Shafranyuk September 11, 2018

How to Make the Most of VGS Access Logs

Yuriy Yunikov Yuriy Yunikov September 3, 2018

How to Secure Sensitive Data Sent From Android Apps

Mahmoud Abdelkader Profile Image Mahmoud Abdelkader August 28, 2018
Security News

A Very Good Approach to Security

Oleg Yatskiv Oleg Yatskiv August 20, 2018
Java Spring

How to Achieve PCI Compliance with 3 Lines of Code Using the Spring Framework

marshall-jones-r Marshall Jones July 26, 2018

VGS Completes 2018 PCI-DSS 3.2

uf.jpg Ulyana Falach July 9, 2018

Quick 3-Click Integration with VGS

gordon-young Gordon Young July 2, 2018

Workstation Management

gordon-young Gordon Young June 15, 2018

PCI Compliance, a Modern Approach: Audit Scope Reduction

gordon-young Gordon Young May 27, 2018

Securing IOT: Stream Level Redaction

gordon-young Gordon Young May 24, 2018

Threat Modeling for Data Protection

uf.jpg Ulyana Falach December 13, 2017

User Management Feature Release

marshall-jones-r Marshall Jones September 6, 2017

Proxy Secure Logger

marshall-jones-r Marshall Jones August 21, 2017

Proxies Demystified